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Team Elite - Emmature Mixtape

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Emmature Mixtape: The second project from the Detroit-based, Endependent Hip Hop group, Team Elite. The Emmature Mixtape includes songs from the Team Elite artists K.C. Mc., Ronny and Gee and also features DeeJ and 40. This project contains Ennovative, expressive and explicit lyrics delivered over main stream Enstrumentals with the exception of one original song, Under the Enfluence.

1.Mic Check
2.Let Me Hit It
4.Hi-Skool Daze
5.F**k Ni**as
6.Don't Stop (Take It Slow)
7.He Don't Know
8.Emmature Break 1
9.The Entermission
10.Girl I Like
11.Poke Her Face
12.I Look Good
13.Kickback Music
14.Emmature Break 2
15.Round N Round
16.Under the Enfluence
17.100 Proof
18.Wake Up
19.Grown Up